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Mentoring Matters

Often the most valuable advice comes from someone who has already been down the road you are travelling. Good mentors help each and every entrepreneur get their businesses started faster and grow them more successfully while avoiding common mistakes along the way. Mentor shelf’s VEE MENTOR ‘U’ program matches entrepreneurs at all levels with experienced mentors, who donate their valuable time because they believe supporting the next generation of great business leaders is the key to a vibrant economy.

Program Objective

  • Provide a platform to help, nurture and sustain Entrepreneurial & Leadership Growth by training entrepreneurs to identify and enhance their professional and personal capabilities and also find a new approach to fresh and recurring challenges
  • Identify and understand business and market challenges by increasing one’s knowledge capital and enable organizational growth.

Program Eligibility

  • New Entrepreneurs, about to start their business, looking for guidance.
  • Young Entrepreneurs, just learning the basics of business.
  • Settled Entrepreneurs, planning to grow and scale up.
  • Veteran Entrepreneurs, looking for new and exciting options.

The Program

Provides modules that help Micro, Small, Medium or Large Scale Enterprises, irrespective of field or vertical. Ideal candidates for the program include companies with high-growth potential and large-market opportunities, ranging from pre-revenue to cash-flow positive

Outplacement programme

How does outplacementprograme work?
Can we schedule a call to discuss your specific outplacement needs?

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement Support is provided by organisations to employees affected by redundancy, helpingthem to confidently navigate the job market and transition into new roles quickly and effectively. Outplacement support ensures candidates can focus positively on their next career step by providing expert advice and support, giving exiting employees direction in an increasingly complex and fast paced job market.

Outplacement is a well-established service in the European market, adopted by thousands of responsible organisations who recognise the importance of supporting employees as they leave the business. Even though the concept is generally adopted for upper rung employees, but it is being extended to all level now. The outplacement program has been built into the system in the employee lifecycle for smooth transition into next phase in the career and the employee feels at ease and ready to be the brand advocate for the employer.

  • Establishing career priorities and assessing their options.
  • Developing their own personal career plan.
  • Revitalising their personal brand.
  • Networking their way to success.
  • Preparing for self-employment, interim or portfolio careers.
  • Mastering the art of modern job searching.
  • Creating great CVs that get them noticed.
  • Transforming their interview performance.
  • Harnessing the power of LinkedIn.
  • Preparing for retirement of the ‘Third age’ of their careers.

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