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Welcome to VEECAP Legal Solutions India!

VEECAP Legal Solutions is a leading legal solutions provider based at Hyderabad, India. The legal domain in India is yet to become uniform and easily accessible to every individual. The legal industry is in its infant stage when the usage of technology is concerned. But we at Veecap legal solutions will use technology as the game changer for all legal issue with an aim to become a One - Stop Solution to all legal and Para legal problem one has to face. Veecap legal solutions aims at providing plethora of legal services in areas like cyber crime, bouncing of cheques, defamation, IPR, family issues, mediation etc. We bring to you online legal solutions with the help of legal experts from all over India.

Our major service area includes:

Cyber Law which includes domain name disputes, drafting of Terms & Disclaimer for a website. Consultancy in Cyber Crime matters and other Cyber Law Compliances. Company Law matters, Labour Matters, Consumer Matters, Mediation, Arbitration & Conciliation. Registration matters, such as Company Registration, IPR Registration, Society Registration, Property Registration ,Gifts, Wills, Probate, Marriage etc. Other Civil matters, including Matrimonial Disputes, Recovery Suits, Property Disputes etc. Criminal Matters, such as Defamation, Bouncing of cheques, Bail, Superdari namas, Domestic violence, Dowry harassment etc. Relationship Counsellor to help you find solutions for a successful and happy life.

  • For each important problem you face, we can bring together the right mix of lawyers, consultants and financial advisers to help you develop an efficient and commercially viable solution.
  • This approach gives you:
  • An end-to-end service without the friction/handover points between different providers
  • Early visibility of broader legal issues.
  • One key point of contact
  • Access our global network

Across the VLS Legal network, we are engaging with the opportunities that Legal Tech creates for clients and employees.

Our services

  • Corporate Law
  • Company Matters.
  • Family Matters.
  • Consumer Matters
  • Civil & Criminal Matters
  • Para legal Documentation
  • Registration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Legal notices
  • Privacy
  • Cookie policy
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Terms and conditions
  • Arbitration Conciliation and Mediation

VLS Legal Services are committed to serving the best interests of our clients. Through efficient and precise management of our clients' needs, we are able to provide practical legal solutions and advice

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