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A-Team – No letter comes before "A"


Zahabiyah Kanchwala

Founder & CEO

Founder & Principal CEO and Chief Designer at Imperial de Decors, the Glass Co., since 1997. Partner at Ikon Jewels since 1992. Having vast experience in entrepreneurship from the age of 17. Aims to create professional and stable entrepreneurs and secure their future.

Suvarna Bhat

Founder & Lead partner

Suvarna Bhat , passionate about her family, Building entrepreneurship, development of community model incubation, imparting skills to create a sustainable livelihood, She believe that every human being must be treated with dignity and respect.

Haneef Ali

Member Central Waqf Council

Ministry of Minority Affairs
Government of India

Facilitators & Mind Benders – They can make you think in new way

Zia Hussain


Sudhir Gupta

Coach /Mentor

Leadership – Their ideas build businesses

Anil Gandam

Lead Strategy & Advertising

Mehmood tharani

Lead Consultant

Ankit Vora

Lead VNF

Vijaya Vedantam

Think Tank


Naturopathy, Yoga therapy, Acupuncture and Music therapist

Syed Ali

Lead Marketing

Fizzah Kanchwala