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Purpose of VeeCap birth!

Two-thirds of all inventions come from young entrepreneurs, women and passionate people. Such inventions create new products and services for the betterment of the community.

They create new business models that leverage cutting-edge technologies and reach out to global markets. They improve the competitiveness of the nation by impacting the quality of life, increasing efficiencies, and becoming globally competitive. Therefore, creating and nurturing a favourable climate for entrepreneurship to flourish becomes extremely critical for the growth of state of Telangana and India.

This VeeCap Family founded in the Bhagyanagar, the happening city, new scope new opportunity, city tied with prestigious education Institutes and organisations driven by Zahabia K, CEO Imperial de Decors and our visionary Director Suvarna Bhat, Social Entrepreneur, create such a climate for talented young men and women of India to transform their entrepreneurial aspirations to reality.


Our vision is to create leaders through entrepreneurial thinking.

In India, there are millions of talented women, students, Homeprenuers (those who work from home), aspirants who are unable to fill the gap between market requirement and successful source which would support and encourage start-ups in specific subjects/sectors such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation etc. and would provide them with necessary infrastructure facilities and other value added services.

Every MSME/Co needs the right coaching to design, build, scale and infuse innovative ideas in their business to scale the growth. The aim of VeeCap Solutions is to help the community and aspired Entrepreneurs to build sustainable livelihood through technology, innovation and culturally diverse enterprises.

We at VeeCap offer you solution for all under one roof. Along with guidance in 360 degree business direction, counselling, coaching, seminars for regular growth, we also support your enterprise with everyday challenges by offering you an exhaustive database for networking. We also aim to take outbound coaching, allowing you to distress in rural areas with a holistic approach.


The mission of VeeCap is too offer the right kind of ecosystem to make an Impact!

VeeCap integrates many features which makes it a platform to transform your ideas into live prototypes. Many innovative ideas by enthusiasts do not see light of the day due to lack of a supportive environment, increasing competition and burden of becoming financially viable on time. The objective of our project is to support aspiring entrepreneurial efforts /start-ups achieve sustainability, also help to accelerate the existing manufacturing enterprises and make them fill their strategy, mentoring and funding gaps to scale up. VeeCap is based on the values of self- determination, empowerment and sustainability.

VeeCap will create and sustain a conducive environment that includes a world-class space for entrepreneurs and a real and virtual support system consisting of mentors, subject matter experts, investors, and business service providers to make their journey fruitful. Our mission is to catapult start-ups from Hyderabad to create global impact and achieve worldwide recognition.