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About Us

VeeCap Solutions is a centre for promoting entrepreneurship by facilitating innovators to create products or services and providing the resources required to go to market with their innovation. VeeCap is the bridge to fill the gap between entrepreneurship, innovation and learning.

We bring aspirants, start-ups, co-working ventures, industry mentors, eminent academic experts, and researchers together at our state-of-the-art facility to create a unique ecosystem where the continuous interactions between people and ideas lead to new era of innovations and successful commercialization.

Ideas are of the mind. We aim to make those ideas real by manifesting them into real products. The product must have a positive impact on the users and ecosystem. It aims to help you make your ideas matter by making them real and impactful.

Providing an environment for aspirants from all over the country to grow innovative ideas to develop into successful ventures.

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Our Services

VeeCap works with entrepreneurs who are passionate about making innovative ideas come to life using hardware & software technology, advanced prototyping, modern manufacturing knowledge and design thinking to make the world a better place. We're looking for awesome people - entrepreneurs who are passionate about making their ideas matter - with excellent ideas. Converting their ideas into products and services that have a positive impact is what VeeCap is looking forward to.

VeeCap Academy

Aspiring Grad/PG students - We will take the lead in creating the future generations of value creators and job providers in the country.

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VeeYatra Eco tourism

VeeCap Solutions is excited to introduce a specialized incubator that enables entrepreneurs to develop products and services that enhance the India

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VeeCap Forum

This Entrepreneurs’ Forum aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship, innovation and learning.We believe that the most effective teachers

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VeeCap Consultancy

Understanding your goals and aspirations our consults devise strategies tailor made for your needs as one size does not fit all.

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Our Partners